Creating Positions in the Project

You can create positions that will only be available within a single project. You can read how to create positions for the entire company here.

An Administrator or Project manager can create, edit, and delete project positions.

1. Go to the “Projects” section. In the list of projects, find the project you need and click on its name.

2. On the “Project Positions” tab, click the “Add project position" button.

3. Enter the title of the position and click on the “Save” button.

★ New position created. It can only be used by participants in the project where it was created.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Why can't I delete a position?

Check the positions of all project team members. No member must hold this position in order for it to be removed.

  • When a new participant is added to a project, the same entries (positions) are found in the job list.

This means that there are positions on the project that duplicate positions for the entire company.