Creation of a Project

In order for employees to enable the counter (time tracking), you need to create a project and then add participants and tasks to it.

This article describes the process of creating a new project. How to add members to a project is described in detail here. You can read how to create tasks in the project here.

Only the Administrator can create a new project

  1. In the administrator account, go to the "Projects" section and click + “Create a project”.
  1. Fill in the required fields: "Project name”, "Project space", ”Project status", "Currency".


The project is always in one of three statuses:

Active - the project is in active operation.

On hold - employees will be able to turn on the time counter and work on the project, but there is no active work on the project.
Finished - the project is closed, and employees will not be able to turn on the counter and work on this project.

  1. Enter "Customer" for further invoicing. Fill in the “Description” field to store the project description and information that will be useful for all employees, such as deadlines, budget, or important links.
  1. Click “Save”.

★ New project is created. Now you can add participants to it, create tasks and positions.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • What happens if you delete a project?

The project will be moved to the archive. Project participants will not be able to select it in the desktop application and work on it, as well as send requests for adding offline time.